Why So Many?

Especially for people that don’t have much of an interest in the Internet may ask why so many domains? Surely, one or two should be more than enough, and technically, that is the case. I am a single person and not a celebrity, so obviously just a couple should be more than enough, right? Well, let’s address this question in the groups that are noted in this site.


frankpilone.name was acquired because my original personal site was frank.pilone.name. As you can see, there is a . in between frank and pilone. Acquiring frankpilone.name was originally set to redirect to the original personal site. However, I still had many other sites which were spread across a number of domains. I decided to move all of those domains to frankpilone.name – giving each site their own sub-domain. Well, I fitted everything into frankpilone.name – perfect, that’s it. Not quite. Let’s look at frankpilone.tel. Since people may know my name, but might not associate my initials along with my name might search for frank pilone. I wanted to have as best of a chance to get people looking to contact me to get my contact information. This is where frankpilone.tel comes in. All of the other frankpilone domains are intended to redirect to frankpilone.name. This is in the case that someone trying to reach me might type frankpilone.com in hopes to reach me. In this regard, they will. Also, acquiring the common domain extensions, I prevent people from creating a reputable mock site. And yes, I have pissed someone off enough for them to create a mock site of me.


Now, let’s look at fsp. FSP for those that don’t recognize it are my initials. Searching for Frank S. Pilone will bring up a couple of my fsp domains. This means these domains are doing a role, and helping me be found. So what are the roles for these domains?

  • fsp.cc – internal redirects
  • fsp.domains – redirects to this site
  • fsp.tel – primary contact directory (in my signature and contact cards)
  • fsp.to – external redirects

While I probably could get away without fsp.cc, or fsp.to, fsp.domains is plastered on all of my pages, and fsp.tel is on all of my sites as well as signatures, and contact cards.


Simply put, this is on the benefit of me, and my brother’s sons. My brother also has a memorial site in this domain set, and my old website redirects to my frankpilone.name address. Dropping these domains will have a significant negative impact on me, and my Internet identity.