I have a number of web sites, and domains. And while I am making effort to reduce the number of domains (and therefore reduce my internet bill), I still have a number of subdomain sites. What’s a subdomain? Well let’s look at this site. The domain and TLD is frankpilone.name. I pay a registrar for the ownership of this domain. You could think of it as a property tax. However, if you don’t pay it – you lose your rights to that domain, and therefore can not do with it as you will. Domains are usually cheap between $10 – $20. Now, assuming your host allows for unlimited subdomains, you could theoretically have an unlimited number of subdomains for your domain. And as the name implies, a subdomain is a subset of that domain. In this website’s case, the subdomain is contact. So the full address is subdomain.domain.tld. For this site, it is contact.frankpilone.name. Someone could have theoretically acquire frankpilone.com, and have their own contact.frankpilone.com. Since the TLD is different, that is why there are multiple similar domains. In a matter of fact, I do something similar. I have fsp.cc, fsp.contact, fsp.domains, and fsp.to. As you can see, the domain name is all t he same, but the TLD is different. Now, let’s get to going into my domain listing here.

Sites with (BAWI) listed in their entry is for Big A** What If sites. These are what if scenarios that are likely not going to happen. If I have any domains not listed here, then they are set to expire, and therefore no longer being promoted. This site will display all of my promoted domains I have. If you should have any questions, feel free to ask me.

Short URL: http://fsp.cc/domains